NZ Acupuncture Medical Centre

NZ Acupuncture Medical Centre is an ACC accredited Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment provider.

We have extensive clinical experience, combined with unique massage techniques, traditional acupuncture, cupping and  to strengthen treatment effect and provide a dedicated and committed treatment to our patients. 

We specialise in sports and work injuries, cervical spondylosis, stiff neck, periarthritis of shoulder, tennis elbow, acute lumbar sprain, lumbar disc herniation, sciatica, knee pain.

We have rich experience in neurology and professional knowledge of bone diseases in China and provide treatments of headache, facial paralysis, knee pain, sprained ankle, chronic fatigue, low energy, low immunity, depression, insomnia, menopause, sequelae of stroke, pediatric autism and other diseases.

Therapeutic Massage 

Therapeutic Massage is an effective  way of maintaining physical and mental health. It can relieve stress, promote relaxation, deepen sleep and help the body to better cope with daily stress, therapeutic massage can relieve sport injuries, soft tissue injuries, headaches, muscle aches, muscular trauma and stretch weak, tight or atrophic muscle.


Acupuncture is a holistic health care technique the flow of qi and blood by inserting and manipulating needles at the meridians of the body.

According to the diagnosis and treatment methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture providers a balance of Yin and Yang, co-ordinates organ functions and prevents and treats systemic diseases, It is beneficial to a variety of conditions and can relieve pain while improving overall health.

Acupuncture is used to effectively treat sports injuries, stiff neck, frozen shoulders, sciatica, tennis elbows, acute sprained waist, sequelae of stroke, etc.

Cupping Therapy 

Cupping therapy helps to adjust to produce local suction on the skin. It plays a role in promoting blood flow to relieve symptoms. It promotes smooth meridians, qi and blood.  

It has the functions of activating blood circulation, relieving pain, reducing swelling, dispersing cold, dehumidification and fever for cold, cough, pneumonia, asthma, headache, chest pain, rheumatism, waist and leg pain, sprain, stomach pain, sore, swelling and pain, it has the function of adjusting the body’s yin and yang balance, relieve fatigue, enhance physical fitness and cure diseases.

Weight management

Acupuncture management utilises acupuncture to achieve an effect on weight loss without side effects, our weight management can improve metabolism and inhabit the hyperactive gastrointestinal digestive function, we have an exclusive weight loss plan to solve the excess weight and achieve the effect of reducing fat.

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